Reported Cases

Our reported cases that have established this niche area of medical law are as follows :-

Siegel v Pummell 2014

The case of Siegel v Pummell is our latest triumph and helps to further establish this developing area of subtle brain injury in medical law.

This case is important because it establishes the principle that diffuse axonal injury (DAI) to the brain (which is often caused by sudden violent changes in direction as opposed to a direct blow to the head) exists without any radiological evidence on MRI scan. This is often denied to be the case by Defendant experts. Mr Siegel’s MRI scan was negative yet it was found that he had sustained DAI. This was established to be the case despite a normal Glasgow coma score and no loss of consciousness.

The Judge was also highly critical of the Defendant’s psychiatrist Professor Trimble.

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Mann v Bhari 2012

View judgment – £245,695 awarded following trial

Clarke v Maltby 2010

View judgment – £955,399 awarded following trial

Williams v Komatsu 2008

View judgment – £511,903 awarded following trial