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We take pride in a 98% track record with all cases either won at Court or successfully settled with damages and costs. We are innovators and have a tried and trusted strategy that is responsible for this high success rate.

Excellence in everything we do is our objective. Caring and understanding is our philosophy. Rehabilitation is our goal. We fight extremely hard for our clients, all the way through trial if necessary.

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Dickinson solicitors are responsible for the leading reported cases in this developing field of medicine

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Important judgment on Public Protection: October 2019 – recording expert medical expert assessments

Judgment on covert recording of Defendant’s medical experts

On 11 October 2019, the High Court handed down a landmark judgment allowing into evidence covert recordings of the defendant’s medical experts’ assessments, including a recording of neuropsychological testing. Recordings are an important tool for Claimants to defend against unfair allegations of fundamental dishonesty

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Important judgment on replacing a neuropsychological expert: November 2019

Trenchant criticism of an expert’s professionalism is a good reason to replace the expert. Master Davison allowed the Defendant to replace their expert neuropsychologist based on a well argued case that the neuropsychologist had administered the neuropsychological testing in a substandard way, as well as expressing criticisms of the Claimant in intemperate and inappropriate language.

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Panorama Interview 9 June 2014

Featuring Chris Dickinson


Undercover: Justice for Sale?

Chris Dickinson appears as a contributor to the program and is interviewed by Daniel Foggy about his own experience of some medical experts appearing to tailor their evidence to benefit the paying party

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What makes us different

Protecting our clients’ integrity is paramount

Often injury victims are accused by the Defendant of exaggerating their symptoms. We take any such allegations by Defendants seriously and fight very hard to protect our clients. We advise our clients how to protect themselves during their assessments with the Defendant’s medical experts and work hard to expose their often substandard methodology.

Transferring a case could not be easier

Unhappy with your existing Solicitor? We specialise in taking over cases from other firms of Solicitors where the client is unhappy with their existing Solicitor. Everyone has a right to instruct a Solicitor of their choice at any stage. Transferring your case is a straight forward and painless process that should not be any more complicated than signing a form of authority.

We accept instructions on a Conditional fee basis, also known as 'no win no fee' arrangements.
We will also assist with funding disbursements.

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Client Testimonials

  • Without Chris’ dedication, never ending patience and support, I know I wouldn’t have the quality of life I have now. I’m certain I wouldn’t have received the amount of compensation awarded if I had remained with the previous solicitors.

    Julie Brandon-Smith - View Full Testimonial
  • Chris Dickinson is a rare find, a Solicitor that has incredible insight, knowledge, understanding of medicine, and a seemingly infinite level of caring and compassion for his clients. He fights tenaciously for what is right against opposition that can be misinformed, obstructive, and astonishingly ignorant.

    Peter Siegel - View Full Testimonial
  • The very first phone call I had with Chris was calming, professional and he seem to have a deep understanding of my situation, and I just suddenly knew things were going to get much better.

    Denise Freeman - View Full Testimonial
  • Myself and my wife and family were made to feel very important by Chris and his secretary Val, as if I was the only client that they had, although I know that was not the case. We were always treated like individuals and not just like another number

    Clive Herbert - View Full Testimonial
  • I was always made to feel that my views were important and were carefully listened to. He really seemed to be going the extra mile to make sure my case was successful.

    Jagjeet Mann - View Full Testimonial
  • Chris Dickinson is very committed, professional and knowledgeable in his field of work. He has a detailed and through knowledge of legal and medical aspects of your case. He really understands your injury and your needs and treatment required.

    Manisha Shresta - View Full Testimonial
  • Chris persuaded my Insurance Company the Direct Line to let him take over my claim. He really helped first by believing in me and then by his meticulous approach in forensically dissecting the accident to prove that I had to be telling the truth.

    Pam Herbert - View Full Testimonial
  • From day one I was always able to talk to Chris when I needed to and he never lost patience with me, no matter how much I asked for reassurance or needed him to explain something to me again and again. He is extremely well connected and has access to the best medical experts and specialists in their fields.

    Alex Walker - View Full Testimonial