Julie Brandon-Smith

I was recommended to contact Chris Dickinson by a family member who had suffered brain injury due to an accident and recognised the same symptoms in me.  I was a little demoralised at the time after having had a shocking consultation with a ‘so called’ expert provided by my previous insurance company.  I gave Chris a call and he reassured me and advised me to see a brain injury specialist and explained that with a correct diagnosis and proper treatment that my life would improve. I was extremely cautious in changing from my previous Solicitor because they had been recommended by various sources.  However I subsequently realised that they were out of their depth in dealing with subtle brain injuries which they hadn’t realised I had sustained.  I really shouldn’t have worried; Chris has a true understanding of subtle brain injury and is an excellent solicitor.

Chris arranged consultations with top brain injury and orthopaedic specialists who treated me with the utmost care and professionalism. They not only treated my injuries but they cared for my entire well being and taught me how to live my life by managing my injuries. This has allowed me to have a better quality of life, something I didn’t feel I had, prior to treatment.

Before being properly assessed, diagnosed and treated for brain injury, my life was very miserable. I knew something was wrong, even though some injuries had started to heal. Life just didn’t make sense anymore and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t recovering as expected, or able to carry out normal every day activities. Even though I have a loving and supportive family and good friends, it was extremely difficult to function. Most days I felt isolated, lost and confused. Many medical professionals who don’t understand this type of subtle brain injury suggested I was suffering from depression. I knew this was not the reason for not being able to do ordinary, everyday tasks and why I was unable to return to work.

After being properly diagnosed with subtle brain injury, 4 years after the accident, my life quality of life began to improve. Chris arranged for me to have treatment and although it was difficult and sometimes seemed impossible to do, after much practice, I was able to learn how to live my life in a way that enabled me to function once again. It has taken a long time to fully understand the ways in which my injuries affect me but, now I know why I struggle to function, my treatment has taught me how to manage and maintain a good quality of life.

Throughout my treatment and along every step of the way regarding the legal case, Chris was continually updating me. He put my health needs first and treated me with genuine compassion, seeking the correct treatment and care. Chris cares deeply about his clients and does everything possible to provide for them. Always professional and with my welfare at heart, he fought my legal case and arranged for an out of court settlement.  He guided me so expertly through the daunting process of attending the Defendant’s medical experts; that I have to say were absolute shockers.  Chris warned me they would seek to trivialise my case and try to trip me up and they did just what he predicted.  However knowing exactly what was going to happen and with the knowledge that Chris had taken steps to protect me I was not fazed by them at all.  It really did make the process so much easier to go through.

Without Chris’ dedication, never ending patience and support, I know I wouldn’t have the quality of life I have now. I’m certain I wouldn’t have received the amount of compensation awarded if I had remained with the previous solicitors. His advice has been consistently spot on and was always in my best interest. His expertise and professionalism are second to none, and his compassion and resolve to support his clients are exceptional and quite unique.