Denise Freeman

I would say I am one of the lucky ones; it was by accident that I found Chris Dickinson. Chris was recommended by a client’s father.

The previous legal team who were handling my case before Chris took over were unprofessional and incompetent and didn’t take my views on board or make my circumstances a priority or help me to understand what was wrong with me.

They seemed to work in favour of the insurance company, they were trying to get rid of me by putting pressure on me and being very dismissive.

The very first phone call I had with Chris was calming, professional and he seem to have a deep understanding of my situation, and I just suddenly knew things were going to get much better.

From becoming angry and frustrated with the previous legal team, who had no idea what was wrong with me, or if they knew what was wrong with me, they didn’t have the knowledge or the know how to support me. Having Chris as an expert who understands my situation and the knowledge he has about subtle brain injury was amazing.

I realised I wasn’t going mad and that somebody knew and understood. This is how my family and I see Chris Dickinson, knowledgeable, kind, understanding, honest, trustworthy and no question or inquiry is too small or too difficult from him to answer.

Chris is very professional and he operates from the threshold, of a duty of care, which is very unusual in his type of profession. Chris works hard, he is a stickler for details, and he seems to have an ability to come up with ideas that work in favour of his clients. Chris will always go the extra mile; he and his team put me life back on an even keel, restored me to normality, and gave me a reason to live with my disability.

My family and I would like to say a special thank you to Val his PA who has the same traits as Chris.

To all who are going through a similar situation, I would strongly urge you to go to Chris Dickinson, with his knowledge and expertise including Subtle Head Injury, without his involvement I would not have succeeded.