Jeanette Matthews

I had an accident on the M25 in July 2002 which resulted in a Subtle Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When I first had the accident I was taken into hospital with a suspected broken neck, I was kept in overnight and let out the next day as soon as I could show that I could walk unaided!

I went home and tried to carry on with my life but it just wasn’t happening. My job involves a lot of travel on the M25 and each time I went on there it was worse, I’d be swerving out of the way of lorries (my car had ended up going under the bed of a lorry and being throw out again by his back wheels ) and if a 4×4 got behind me I would become hysterical (a 4×4 had caused the accident by swerving to avoid hitting me from behind and ended up rolling onto my car and pushing me into the central reservation). The long and short of it was my husband dragged me to the doctors who said I needed counseling and my husband duly got on to the solicitors who were handling the case through my Insurance company.

I was sent from one expert to another but none of them seemed to know what was wrong with me except for one psychologist who thought it was possibly subtle brain injury. We told the solicitors what he had said and somehow I was referred to a clinical psychologist called Gillian Levett who specialised in PTSD and Subtle Brain Injury. This lady is a life saver, however my solicitors were a different story, they withheld funds that were needed for the continuing treatment even though ( we later found out ) the other sides insurance company had fully agreed to pay whatever was necessary to cure the PTSD but were not convinced about the brain damage! At this point they also decided it probably wasn’t wise to sue for the brain injury in case they lost!

I had been unhappy for some time with the solicitors who were handling the case but now I knew I was in trouble, there was only 3months before my case had to be lodged with the court and I had no confidence in the solicitor.

It was at this point that I remembered James, another one of Miss Levet’s patients that I had met. He told me that his first solicitor was hopeless and he’d changed to another one who was brilliant. I rang him up and he gave me the phone number for Chris Dickinson and I asked him to take over my case.

This man changed my life! It was like being a child again and someone making it better for you, he works alongside a brilliant barrister and together they make a formidable team.
Chris understands the struggle you have to keep your job and how isolated you can feel from your friends and family and all the problems you have with everyday life and it is such a relief to have him fighting for you.

Chris won my case without even going into court and got me compensation for the brain injury as well as all the other things such as not being able to work to the capacity I did before.

After my case was resolved I actually suffered from a mild depression for a couple of weeks at the thought of not having his support anymore, but have in fact kept in touch with this wonderful person who had helped me to get my life back on track and have recommended him to two of my staff who were involved in the same sort of accidents. I would, literally, trust him with my life.