James Allen

I have been so impressed with and highly recommend Chris Dickinson of Dickinson Solicitors who took over my personal injury case.

I suffered a subtle head injury with PTSD in a motorcycle accident in 1998 as a result I lost my job and career, my self confidence and my social circle.

The first few years of my case consisted of solicitors and firms who seemed unable to understand or appreciate the injuries I had sustained despite medical reports.

I approached Chris Dickinson who agreed to take over my case and immediately showed a depth of understanding and knowledge of the injuries that went far beyond what I had expected.

Chris Dickinson really cared, I was not just another case on his books.

Chris and his team are patient, diligent and hardworking (including evenings and at weekends). Complications were handled and addressed, Medical experts found, appropriate treatment provided for.

With Chris’ patience, diligence, attention to detail and hard work the case was successful. Through the whole period I was kept well informed, even when I forgot something Chris was there king and caring supporting me through it to ensure that I was able to move forward.

The team of Medical experts he used were excellent. They clearly identified the injuries and explained them to me in a way that made sense, which enabled Chris to find the most appropriate treatment for me. The psychological damage was treated and the permanent physical injuries identified and assistance given to help me to live my life. The team were prepared to challenge and push me to recover in a firm and caring way that meant that I felt supported through my whole recovery period. The team worked with me in every aspect of my life, family, friends and my employers.

Without Chris Dickinson and his incredible team supporting him I would not be where I am today. I have a new career, a loving family and able to live my life with my disability. Chris and the team inspired me to create a support group to support individuals and families who have suffered similar injuries.