Alex Walker

Chris Dickinson is an excellent solicitor with a wealth of legal expertise and medical knowledge. But more than that, he is compassionate and patient, cares deeply about his clients and goes above and beyond to help those damaged through no fault of their own to get their lives back on track.

By the time I was introduced to Chris my life had reached crisis point following a car crash that had taken place 18 months earlier. I suffered a brain injury and developed serious post traumatic stress disorder. My career had totally stalled and was falling apart as I was simply unable to function as I had prior to the accident. My marriage was crumbling, my relationship with my children was failing and I was so anxious I found it hard to even socialise with family or close friends. I already had a lawyer recommended through my insurance company but was deeply unhappy with their attitude towards my issues and the effect the accident had on my life.  When I was introduced to Chris he immediately had an enormous amount of understanding of my symptoms and how they must be affecting my life. I literally felt that I was finally in front of someone who understood how I felt and what I was going through. His absolute first priority was to find the right specialists to care for me and to help me back on the road to recovery.

From day one I was always able to talk to Chris when I needed to and he never lost patience with me, no matter how much I asked for reassurance or needed him to explain something to me again and again. He is extremely well connected and has access to the best medical experts and specialists in their fields. All the experts he appointed on my behalf were thorough and had impeccable credentials.

Chris was also incredibly supportive when I ran into issues with the defendant’s experts, challenging evidence they provided that I disputed, and backing me all the way. It can be a stressful process but Chris’s calm, reassuring manner and his commitment to keeping me updated and fully informed throughout the process helped enormously. I never felt like I was just one of many cases; I really did feel at all times that he was entirely focused on my case and my needs.

Chris and his team are extremely rigorous with a fine eye for detail. They thought of things before the defendant did and this way I always felt we were prepared for whatever came our way. Nothing was left to chance and I always felt Chris was one step ahead of the game. On the rare occasion issues did come up Chris was always extremely quick to react and resolution was swift and effective.

It is worth noting as well that Chris was excellent when it came to dealing with work colleagues, friends and family to gather evidence. He is discreet and his genuine approach meant everyone he contacted was happy to give their time and support him in developing my case. In addition he helped me find the right neurologist, neuropsychologist and psychologist specialising in head injury to really aid my recovery. His is very much a multi-pronged approach, looking not only after my case but also my physical and psychological health which had been so badly damaged. He was always tactful, empathetic and sincere, never forgetting I was a person, not just a file on his desk.

He also has excellent relationships with some top barristers and I certainly felt that Chris and the barrister he selected for me, Marcus Grant, were a team to be reckoned with. I was extremely privileged to have such a fantastic legal team who looked beyond the financial settlement of the case and always ensured my personal needs and future requirements resulting from my injuries remained central to our mutual aims.

I was very nervous about going to court but again Chris was great at helping me to prepare and to allay any fears I had.  In the event, we didn’t need to go to court as Chris felt our case was so strong that mediation could be successful.  He set up the mediation with a respected judge and his preparation for the meeting was second to none. The mediation was a total success and I was extremely pleased with the result.

I always felt entirely safe in Chris’s hands. He is clearly a real expert in the area of brain injury and a formidable opponent due to his extensive knowledge and passionate approach to fighting for the rights of his clients. I don’t only have him to thank for my financial security, I also need to thank him for turning my life around and making it worth living again.