Firm Profile

Dickinson Solicitors is a niche personal injury firm specialising in subtle brain injuries.

Our 98% success rate comes from ensuring that every client has the very best team of medical and legal experts assisting them throughout the claim process. Our attention to detail and our personal touch with all our clients is what we believe sets us apart from other firms. We also recognize that whilst everyone may have similar symptoms, everyone is an individual so each client will receive a specially tailored service. We operate a low caseload to ensure that every case gets our full attention which ensures that we have the time to thoroughly analyse and undermine the Defendant’s medical case. In our experience of taking over cases from other Solicitors, there is insufficient focus on the medicine and the assessment techniques that should be used by the Defendant’s experts.  Few Solicitors seem to adopt a forensic approach to the Defendant’s medical evidence and even fewer challenge the Defendant’s experts methodology.  This is important in our view as a careful analysis of the Defendant’s medical case often exposes flawed or substandard methodology. This type of approach is the reason why we have such a high success rate with these complex cases.

Chris Dickinson the principal of Dickinson Solicitors will handle your case. Chris has been developing this highly specialised area of work over the last 10+years  since leaving the head injury department of a top 6 firm. The development of this niche area has only been possible because of access to a few exceptional head injury medical experts who have dedicated their careers to identifying brain injuries at the ‘subtle’ end of the spectrum.

Chris says “It is the subtle injuries that interest me most, proving that serious brain injury is not intellectually challenging because it is rarely challenged. No-one  can suggest that the person in the wheelchair has not been brain damaged. However the guy with a subtle brain injury still managing to hold down his sales job is usually accused of not having a brain injury, or worse making it up. These are the cases that I particularly specialise in – the ones most Solicitors reject or see as too risky.  I enjoy the medicine and having an intimate understanding of it is the key to proving these types of case. I’m fortunate to work with the very best medical experts in the field, and I have learned so much from them which I believe gives me the edge in this specialist field.

When I started to specialise in 2006 the area of subtle brain injury was not firmly established in the High Court, but now it is thanks to several clients of mine who have been brave enough to take their cases through trial”. Their case reports and experiences are posted on this website.

Dickinson Solicitors are dedicated to bringing these often undiagnosed injuries to the attention of the wider public as well as promoting a better understanding of this developing area of medical law and the tactics used by Defendants to undermine them.