Clive Herbert

I would like to let everyone know how grateful I am to Chris Dickinson for the courteous and efficient way that my separate car and train accidents were dealt with. I felt very unlucky to have 2 accidents but had no hesitation in going back to Chris to ask him to handle the second accident claim for me. The first accident occurred when another driver ran into the back of my car causing me to sustain a subtle brain injury, whiplash and PTSD.

Chris and his Personal Assistant Val, kept closely in touch with me throughout my claim at all times and kept me informed and made sure I understood what was going on and they were always friendly, efficient, helpful and polite.

My claim was dealt with by Chris who I felt really understood my injuries and how best to present them to the Defendant, in particular the aftermath of my head injury. I was sent to the best team of Medical Specialists who also helped me with my PTSD and memory and cognitive problems.

Myself and my wife and family were made to feel very important by Chris and his secretary Val, as if I was the only client that they had, although I know that was not the case. We were always treated like individuals and not just like another number. Chris was very professional from the first time we met him and they both helped us every step of the way, in a world we knew nothing about. The whole process was made as easy as possible for us by Chris preparing my case so thoroughly and helping me to cope with the medical appointments with our Specialists and the Defendants Specialists and also with meeting my Barrister and then preparing us all for the Court case.

In all, Chris gave me the impression that my interests were kept uppermost and I always felt that he fought to get me the maximum possible compensation.

My second accident was a train accident where I fell from a train with the old shutter doors as it pulled away before I had alighted. I injured my ankle and aggravated my previous injuries so I had no hesitation in asking Chris to handle my case again. This claim was professionally dealt with in the same friendly, efficient and effective manner as the first claim was. I can’t recommend him highly enough.