Peter Siegel

Chris Dickinson is a rare find, a Solicitor that has incredible insight, knowledge, understanding of medicine, and a seemingly infinite level of caring and compassion for his clients. He fights tenaciously for what is right against opposition that can be misinformed, obstructive, and astonishingly ignorant.

The team that Chris can call upon is without doubt the foremost medical and legal team in the UK for subtle brain injury cases. You feel important to them because you are important to them. Chris wants the person in the street to have a beKer understanding of the impact of subtle brain injury and the affect it can have on people’s lives.

My previous legal team were actively seeking to discourage me from pursuing my claim. At times it looked like they were functioning like the defence, not wanting to believe the evidence in front of them and going out of the way to ignore my instructions and tell me that I had nothing to pursue. They attempted to get me to dismiss my claim because it was too difficult for them to understand and move forward.

Luckily we found Chris through some research. He stepped into the breach, took control, and most importantly provided reassurance that we were doing the right thing and had a reasonable chance of success. Throughout Chris’ involvement he was readily available by phone and email, making me feel that I had his undivided attention and was the most important client he ever had. He made me feel like family.

Subsequent to the accident I was involved with a very close friend of mine was involved in a similar accident and suffered a similar injury. I had no problem recommending that she contact Chris and secure his services. She has since instructed Chris to act as her solicitor. I would absolutely recommend Chris to anyone involved with a subtle brain injury. Chris is caring, tenacious, knowledgeable, and one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. If you have, or know of someone that has suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence you can do no beKer than instructing Chris to act on your behalf.