Pam Herbert

My very sincere thanks to Chris for supporting me with a rather difficult personal injury claim after my serious car accident where I received a neck, back and head injury.

I was not helped at all by my insurance company solicitor who they insisted be appointed to represent me. He did not really support my claim as I had no witnesses to the accident. By chance, Chris spoke to me in relation to my husband’s claim and I told him about my accident which I was adamant was not my fault. I told him that my existing Solicitor wanted to ditch my case and Chris listened and said that he could not make any promises but felt that there was a chance.

Chris persuaded my Insurance Company the Direct Line to let him take over my claim. He really helped first by believing in me and then by his meticulous approach in forensically dissecting the accident to prove that I had to be telling the truth. It all came down to the flashbacks that I had of the driver indicating that we were able to prove with medical evidence that could not have been made up.

Getting liability resolved in this ingenious way was a very great achievement. Again both he and his PA Val were so friendly and professional and kept me informed at every step of the process, from appointing a very good medical team and then helping me to cope with the Defendant’s medical experts.

Chris left no stone unturned in the preparation of my case and appointed a very good Barrister on my behalf and my claim finally finished with an acceptable offer being made.
Thank you again Chris for all your help and kindness and very hard work.